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As a result, Clarkston boasts a dazzling range of cultures for a town of its size. Even a casual walk through the City’s neighborhoods or along the PATH system that winds through town reveals a wide variety of spoken languages and diverse clothing. Clarkston now has residents from over 145 different ethnic groups, including Burma / Myanmar, Bhutan, Somalia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Burundi and many more. Each of these refugees has a story to tell, a story that often includes war, violence, and unimaginable hardship. But to all these newcomers, Clarkston represents the chance to start again; a chance to build a safe, secure and hope-filled life in this country. Coupled with a strong, stable resident population and excellent professional local governmental leadership, Clarkston is among the most interesting places in metro Atlanta. It is a city with enormous planning potential that is now beginning to understand and capitalize on its diversity and unique character. The Zoeckler Firm is proud to be located in Clarkston and looks forward to participating in the City’s continued evolution.

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About Clarkston

In the 1830's, the Georgia Railroad built a rail line through what is present day Clarkston to connect the merchants of Athens with outlets in Augusta and South Carolina. Originally called "New Siding" after Jake New, a Section Foreman that worked for the Georgia Railroad, the City of Clarkston was officially chartered by Governor Alexander H. Stevens on December 12, 1882. Clarkston was named in honor of Colonel W.W. Clark, a Covington lawyer and a Director of the Georgia Railroad.

In some ways, Clarkston is similar to many small communities that make up metropolitan Atlanta. It has a modest, identifiable downtown area, a pleasant city park, and a mix of older urban cottages, suburban development, and apartment complexes. But there the similarity ends. Clarkston, dubbed “the most diverse square mile in America” by Time magazine and “the most diverse zip code in North America” by others, stands out today for its unique mix of cultural diversity. The primary reason for this remarkable diversity is that Clarkston has served as the major relocation point in the southeastern United States for U.N. refugees for many years.

Friends of Refugees' site plan for a new mixed use facility in Clarkston